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Slow and Steady...
09.06.2018 17:37 | Yours Truly

Hello friends and fans, and all kinds of stalkers! Kresten here.

I finally managed to get a grip of myself and write a post here. Though it's mainly just some pretty basic updates about my life for now.

So, first things first, I have my first chorus group! All thanks go to my dear friend xillball to be honest, since she was the one who found the message about a Finnish Love Love group needing members. And she was kind enough to let the person (magicheresy) know that I was interested. And soon enough, I had gotten myself the roles of Yazawa Nico from µ's and Kunikida Hanamaru from Aqours.
 Therefore, I'm proud to present you... Revontulidols! It's basically a compination of the words revontuli (Finnish for Northern Light), and idols, since we wanted something, that would be in our native language.
 Our debut is under planning, though there might be a couple of sub-unit debuts before our full group debut. I'll keep you all posted about future releases, especially that full group debut!

Secondly, couple of days ago I got my mic, so now I don't have to rely on my phone's microphone! (though it's still my back-up if something happens) Special thanks go to xillball once again, as well as her dad, who ordered the mic for me and came over to set it up for me (since I certainly wouldn't have been able to do it...)
 I also had a chance to debut my mic before using it for any "actual" group, since yesterday I recorded my lines for a one-time chorus my friend Rae (RaelaFromAsia) is hosting, and today I recorded an audition for a multifandom chorus group on CCC.
 Once again, I'll let you know when the song is up, as well as whether I get casted on the multifandom chorus group. Fingers crossed!

And last, but definitely not least, a small announcement, though a bit early! Rae and I are planning on making our own multifandom chorus group, focusing on male idol franchises such as Uta no Prince-Sama and IDOLiSH7! I'm quite excited, since UtaPri was my first touch into the idol anime world back in... 2013. (damn I feel old now...)
 I'm not sure yet when we'll be hosting our CCC for this group, but I believe it's gonna be quite soon. So if you're at least a tiny bit interested, stay tuned!

So that pretty much sums up everything that's happened online. Other than that, I graduated from high school a week ago, and now I'm waiting for my university entrance exam results.

So, that's about it! Thanks for reading, and I'll see you on the flip side!

 - Yours Truly

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